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Chaldean Charities of America (formerly known as Chaldean Catholic Charities), under the direction of the Chaldean Diocese of St. Thomas the Apostle U.S.A., is a collaboration of various non-profit groups tailored to assist persecuted displaced Christians in Iraq & surrounding countries by providing a variety of humanitarian services. Humanitarian services include providing shelter, food, medical assistance, legal consult, and educational needs.
Mass for Peace in Iraq 201919


Help Iraq is a nonprofit organization founded by our diocese, to assist persecuted Christians and other minorities in their homeland as a result of the religious persecution of Christians in 2014 by ISIS (primarily in villages with large Christian populations). Help Iraq Objectives include but are not limited to providing basic daily human needs such as food, shelter, clothing, and other necessities, as well as to raise awareness of the religious and ethnic cleansing. These services are provided by Merci, and Student 2 Student.


Since 2006, the Adopt A Refugee Family program has been successfully working with the Jesuits in Jordan and Lebanon to aid these refugees. There are many ways to HELP our cause. 100% of your donations go directly to a family in dire need of help and hope.

Mass for Peace in Iraq 201919


Your gift matters! Chaldean Charities of America (CCA) provides a public report each month showing all activities under CCA and how your money is being used to help relieve suffering in Iraq and around the world.