• A program for certification and formation of Catechism & Communion teachers in the Chaldean diocese of St. Thomas the Apostle in Detroit, MI
    • The catechists view DVDs, completes companion booklets, and participate in a small group setting with a facilitator
  • ECRC has certified 6 Master Catechists that are contracted to teach & facilitate each session
    • They have a cumulative 30 years of catechism & teaching experience!
  • The diocese  sent 150 of its catechists through the certification program in 2015-2016.
  • This video-assisted process of formation is used by many diocesans across the nation including the Archdiocese of Detroit for parish catechists, Catholic school teachers, and facilitators of adult faith formation
  • The present version of Echoes of Faith Plus program was developed in 2008. Respected theologians, catechetical experts, and practitioners served as writers, advisers, and demonstration catechists for the project. In fact, Over 60 renowned specialists in catechetics and theology brought their knowledge, expertise, and skills to the Echoes of Faith Plus project.

Requirements for Certification:

  • Attend all ten sessions of Echoes of Faith
  • Since faith development is a lifelong process through which we continue to come to a deeper understanding of our life in Christ, a call to the ministry of catechetics necessitates ongoing formation and continual skills development. Therefore, after acquiring certification, catechists will be required to consistently participate in ongoing formation opportunities.


  • No Cost

Opportunities to attend:

  • First Sunday of each month for 6 months (Nov-Apr) at ECRC
  • Third Thursday of each month for 6 months (Nov-Apr) at Holy Martyrs


  1. The Catechist (being); three modules address the vocation and roles of the catechist and steps for getting started in ministry.
    • Getting Started
    • Roles of the Catechist
    • Person of the Catechist
  2. Theology (knowing); five modules focusing on the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and an additional module on basic Sacred Scripture.
    • I Believe, We Believe
    • Liturgy and Sacraments
    • Catholic Morality
    • Prayer and Spirituality
    • The Scriptures
  3. Methodology (know-how);  time during each session will prepare catechists to teach different grade levels of children and youth.
    • The Learner
    • Methods Grades 1 thru 8