Marriage Prep- Volunteer Couple Form

Hello!  Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this form.  The personal nomination was the biggest factor in our excellent group at our first informational night.  Nominate anyone who fits the criteria below.  It can be siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, parents and friends.  We need couples of all ages and backgrounds!  If you do not have all the information (i.e. only have info for one spouse) that’s fine, we will reach out to you at a later time to get the rest.  

–  Married for 5 years +
–  Practices and is active in their Catholic Faith. Attends church regularly
–  Willing to work with engaged couples:  hold them accountable, inspire them and challenge them. 

– Attend one informational night with your spouse

–  Attend 1-2 training sessions
–  Participate in marriage prep classes 

ROLES (3 options, all include their own training and preparation)
– Presenting Couples – present the topic through a combination of live speaking and playing videos
– Small Group Couples – facilitate small group discussion
– Mentor Couples – meet with couples privately 2-3 times to help them grow [phase 2, will launch in 2019]