Chaldeans Loving Christ (CLC)

Chaldeans Loving Christ (CLC) offers a unique way to build a relationship with God.  Everything from Chaldean social pressures to the virtues come into sight while gathered in the basement of Saint Thomas.  This program was designed for high schoolers ages fourteen to eighteen, so it moves at a faster pace that a traditional catechists program.  Teens’ ideas and thoughts are always heard, and we try to address any questions they may have through informal settings; leaders of the program are often found among teens before the night, during small groups, and after the night.  Most of all, it is our goal to make our faith accessible, so the environment is open and friendly.

In past years, we have focused our semesters around a multitude of faith-focused themes such as the ten commandments, beatitudes, parables, sacraments, virtues and vices, etc. Some of our topics may be content heavy, which is why we format the night so that it breaks things down.  We begin each night with prayer and then move into a skit that introduces the topic, but we explain the often comedic skits throughout a talk, move into smaller groups to discuss the content gathered; the evening officially ends before the blessed sacrament in the church.  Teens are welcome to go back to the basement for a snack provided by the program. Chaldeans rarely come together without food!

Meets: Wednesdays 7:00 p.m. -9:00 p.m.  in the St Thomas Social Hall

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